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The Villa

Οne of the great assets of this property is its own private amazing rocky beach access, with organised sitting area, BBQ, umbrellas and sun beds, just a few steps away, where one can relax and enjoy a refreshing dive.

Sit back, relax, sip a cocktail, daydream….. as you watch the magnificent yachts & boats sail in & out of the surrounding crystal clear waters. You just may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Dolphins & Turtles too.

The Cycladic Gem Luxury Villa boasts a spacious 130 square meter open plan living & lounge area. Furthermore it has five bedrooms, three with king size beds and two with queen, with an extra study room that could fit two more single beds if needed. The villa can readily accommodate 2 big families or up to 10 (even 12) people quite comfortably, while it also offers daily service. Come, relax & enjoy with your family and friends, where you are sure to be totally mesmerized by the captivating view of the Mediterranean sea, Beach & Santorini island.

Live with your loved ones an unforgettable vacation experience, in this beautiful and traditional Cycladic Luxury villa, in the incredible island of Ios. The Gem is ideal for family entertaining, an impromptu party or just a quiet afternoon lazing in the hammock, whatever may take your fancy.